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4- Kamirtystore website is the only owner of the right to grant a license to use, copy, or republish some of the articles on it or parts of it, or republish it on other sites.
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A link to the site must be placed in a conspicuous place on all republished articles, and this article may not be republished without complying with the site's terms and conditions.
6- The comments published on the site express the viewpoint of its authors only, and the administration does not bear any legal consequences for it.
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8. Kamirtystore website also has the right to suspend the work of some items for a temporary or temporary period, and it will announce this on the website.
9 - Kamirtystore has the full right to delete any comments that may appear offensive to any person or religion or considered illegal or in violation of the rights of any other party without referring to their authors.
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15 - Avoid sending messages to the site administration via the comments box, but it is sent via the site's contact form.

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